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Art Form And An Artist
by Ben Dover
published September 2016

Today I had the delightful experience of being introduced to the artistic ability to a ten year old girl who unfortunately I have never met. I was taking some tests in a physician's office, and noticed a model of an Aztec village sitting on the table.

After enjoying the view, I asked the man who was In reality the person who performed Xrays where they found this marvelous artistic model. He was proud to say his ten year old daughter had copied it from a picture. After hearing this, I mused about the structure and looked closely at the various nuances included and remarked, "This child has to be extremely artistically endowed." He then pointed to some rather unique wall hangings that included one large message of congratulations for her dad. It was made up of candy bar wrappers that were used in rather unique and lengthy message of congratulation for Father's day. I know she loves her dad.

I was later shown some of the writings her father kept in a small album, and realized that just maybe some of the talent was passed on from dad. Anyway, I am always looking for a reason to applaud what I feel is a positive act or verbal expression from a promising future adult. I fervently hope this type of person will inherit our land of opportunity and be allowed to compete and perform in its arena.

It seems that in today's world we can find a great number of justified reasons to add a little personally devised criticism to our progeny. We might also search for this other type of truly demonstrated positively applied effort by and on behalf of a youngster.

I have not had the privilege of meeting this child, but hope I will do so some day. In my opinion we will certainly hear about this child's talent being exposed in some future manner and form.

I might add that although I am not a talent scout, and my credibility as a writer, musician, physicist and simply a retired old man have certainly become avidly prominent in my life, I felt the need to bare my feelings for a little ten year old girl I have yet to meet. All I can add is my hope that she will find that opening that allows her to become educated and possibly prominent is some respect at a time in life when it will be an asset.

Oh yes, I hope she and you, the reader will have a nice day ...