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Trick or Whatever
by Ben Dover published October 2016

There is a great amount of data available related to the history of Halloween. It seems most of the early celebration was initiated by the Celts prior to 1745. Then it seems the holiday was adopted, although quite altered, by the Christian world community.

A myriad of variations including many types of costumes and other parties occurred as the result of differences in the world's societies and beliefs. Unchristian and even pagan ceremonies have been associated with this celebration as well. Certain Christians have included this date, The eve of All Souls Day, into their number of religiously based holidays. No mystery is associated with the Christian celebration, since the name, itself is a combination of the two words, "Holy, or Hallowed and Evening". All forms of societies can take partial credit for the varied styles and those holidays being proliferated and carried on.

Masks and carved pumpkins, paper black cats and bats today are found to be required apparatus and apparel obtained by our youngsters on this day. The reason for the costume, or carved Jack-O-Lantern, is also a mystery to me. But then I am no longer considered young by any measure. Many of us old timers have a hard time understanding such sophistication of practices, I guess. "A little source of hilarity there".

This is truly a holiday for little ones. In reality, these little tykes work harder getting a piece or two of candy than many of us who spend hours of preparation and getting them ready to travel from house to house.

"Trick or Treat" is not an imposed threat. I must laugh a little when I imagine what trick can be played by a four year old whose mom or dad is waiting out on the sidewalk, assuring that their little ones do not fall victim to harm.

Goblins, Ghosts, ghouls, witches, political aspirants and other types of guys and gals are among the masked costuming worn by these wonderful little participants. Bad guy's are only part of the costuming available however. Pirates, dancers any other imaginable category of role aspirant apparel can be found available for a price from many local stores.

A pleasant memory of Halloween returns when I recall my own experiences, asking for "Trick of Treat" while living in California. It seems we would all walk around to local neighbors, each of us having a coffee cup and knocking at doors with our treat requests.

Wow! You'd be amazed at what can be put into a coffee cup!!!

Have a nice day ...