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by Ben Dover
published November 2016

We can find many reasons to celebrate this month. Included are Thanksgiving day, Veterans day, Election day and the end of daylight saving time. The birthstone of the month is the Topaz, and the flower of the month is the Chrysanthemum. This month also separates October and December. Now, wouldn't you call that important?

The original celebration of Armistice Day on November 11, included veterans from world wars one and two. Since that time however, many of those old veterans have passed to the great beyond. It seems to me, also that an Armistice is only as good as the integrity of its signers. I guess that is enough said on that subject.

We now have added veterans to include those of recent actions. These conflicts were termed police actions, and some other designations not including the name, war. Men and women died in Korea, Viet Nam, Desert Storm and other places, but since war had not been declared, these veterans had never been classed as war heroes. Under new and existing societal designations, heroes they are, and must be considered as such.

In my humble opinion, "Any time a man or woman is expected to put on a uniform, pick up a weapon and become part of a fighting force, who cares whether or not a war has been declared? They are all equally defined in my book as Heroes". Most of us who were young at the time, were expected to devote a part of our lives to the defense of our country, and its way of life. Race, creed, religion or sex had little to do with it. We all went, and some of us came back. Yes, the term Veteran's day is certainly appropriate and cherished by those of us who were there. We are all part of November 11, Veterans Day.

Let us not forget however, the importance of Thanksgiving Day. It is without a doubt one of the most important days to celebrate. We, as Americans have inherited the gifts and benevolence of our creator, and certainly owe Him gratitude unending.

As an addition to this celebration, but returning to the first day of November, we might include one foreign based holiday. "El dia de los muertos" or "day of the dead", is celebrated in Mexico. Some persons living here accede to celebrate some of the foreign holidays as well.

Have a nice day ...