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Spotlight On Christmas
by Ben Dover
published December 2016

First of all, let us agree, There is no such thing as "Xmas". Christmas is not simply a holiday for kids. It is truly a celebration of probably the most significant birth in our world's history.

Gift giving was first established by the three kings of Orient as the story goes. It seems, that part of Christmas has overshadowed all other facets of the season, and we have made the true celebration secondary. I hope we never allow our secular celebration to totally precede the true reason for Christmas.

Merry Christmas is the salutation that seems to be appropriate for this season of the year, and it is a wonderful wish indeed. When we offer our wish that another person might enjoy this season regardless of how they might achieve its happiness, that wish is positive. It is for certain that everyone associated with the "Spotlight" sends their most ardent hope that you will have a Christmas that is blessed with your most desired wishes.

Of course, we extend that wish through the month of December to your midnight celebration of the New Year.

The Message Of The Day

Christmas is the time when summer flowers have gone to bed.
You'd better wear a coat and have a hat upon your head.
Faces might glow even though there's snow upon the ground.
Nights when sights with lights are bright and all around.
When you've been good Santa should be bringing something nice.
If He can't show, Mom and Dad will certainly suffice.
Light up the tree and we'll sip cider while we say,
"Christmas bells ring out the message of the day".

Have a nice day ...