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Blighters And Biters
by Ben Dover
published March 2017

Those little, and some not so little bugs and other living creatures that seem to have been put into place in order to cause humans to scratch are the ones I want to discuss today.

I don't know if any microbes and other germs have the ability to bite or sting, they are certainly included in this "gripeful" critique. It seems each year there appears a new and more deadly flu virus that can cause our genus to either take a new medicine or agree to suffer.

These diseases are apparently carried by mosquitoes or birds. I suppose there are other carriers, but the media settles on those two as the ones most guilty of spreading the maladies. I am not aware of how the mosquito can inject its poison into our bodies, but they are certainly capable of injecting their little needles into us and cause all types of undesirable things. Either we are caused to scratch, or maybe the venom has an inclusion of germs that can create serious effects.

Bees, wasps, hornets and other types of bugs must be included in the undesirables for their effective undesirably created stings.

Spiders and other types of vermin seem to be an un-endless stream of enemies of the genus of man. Although many of these little living creatures create wonderful dietary related foods, I am not one to associate with any of them. I like the taste of honey, but I certainly am not interested in associating nor being part of the society with any of the creatures who create it.

Snakes and other, crawling or even flying animalistic things, "bats", might be interesting to some persons tempted to research those types of things. I, however have no desire to look into any of their life styles simply to write a book on the subject. Pardon the expression, but "I don't care".

Of course it would be unfair to forget about those animals that are not really the friend of man. Although, it is much easier to stay away from those sorts of creatures.

Yes, I think I will go and find my dog and we will sit and watch the gold fish in my aquarium. I have not tried to train my dog, nor am I interested in watching the cat sleep on the window sill. I guess I am truly a satisfied human, and that is the end of it all.

Now with total satisfaction in my calling, I bid you all, with no ulterior motivation, other than an ardent desire, and with no bites nor reasons to scratch ...

Have a nice day.