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As I Arise
by Ben Dover
published April 2017

When I look around my world in the morning, what do I see?

Normally I am seated half laying down in my tilt back chair, and eyes about one half open. I then look at each thing appearing in the sphere of my world that becomes visible to my wondering eyes. I have not yet lit the light in the room, so everything is somewhat in a rather dense fog. In reality, it is my brain that is still in a fog, rather dense, and therefore it is not completely the fault of room lighting.

I must mentally access all of my body parts, one by one, and assure myself that all of them are in place and will obey my mental commands. After all, those parts are eighty seven years old, and can't be expected to be waiting for an order to move, especially in a prescribed direction. There is no real nor justified reason to distrust any of those parts, nor their movements simply because I am not yet fully awake.

Historically, however, I have become vividly aware that age will frequently present its frailties and indicate an unwillingness to cooperate fully, unless commands are definite and adamant.

Now that I have cleared my conscience and have admitted to the frailties that have imposed themselves on this old and somewhat dilapidated and degrading concoction of physio-skeletal inclusions, titled a human body, I can get to the meat of this ultra-valued, and highly sophisticated article. In reality, I don't have much of great importance to relate, but now the I have your attention, I might ask, What are you planning to do today?

Have you ever read a column of this kind in which someone is genuinely interested in provoking an interest in what you might do? Well, I am that type of person. I like to apply an attempt to create a desire to think. I have spent a lifetime of either deciding how to do a thing or maybe alter an existing item or situation in which alteration might appear as positive.

Even in the musical field, there is still room for the creation of acceptable smoothness and the demonstrating of real talent. Screaming wildly into a microphone doesn't really do it for me. I remember some of those things from those greats of old who gave us peace and a degree of solace during world war two. It seemed, Gold stars were appearing much more frequently, but we seemed to sing.

At that time we could still understand the words along with the melodies.

Have a nice day ...