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The Plaque
by Ben Dover
published May 2017

Referencing that short period of time during which I was trying to develop and compose my thoughts in order to create this article this morning, my eyes traveled up to the wall above my computer desk. I found myself looking at a wooden plaque that has the words, "To yourself be true".

The artist who fabricated this creation is just another guy who rents a booth located at the local Flea Market. He saws out the designs and finishes the artwork and makes these plaques of virtually all shapes and sizes. In my opinion, his work is impeccable, and unique.

For the past two years I have befriended this artist and admired the work that he was displaying. I can only think of one word in retrospect but in support of this man's work. His jigsaw artwork is superior to any other competitive work I have ever seen.

The piece I admired each time I passed this booth, was a small plaque on which was a raised and "S" shaped musical staff. Although there was no musical meaning to the notes placed on this staff, it was certainly correctly displayed in every respect.

This entire piece was made of walnut wood, and the staff was of some lighter colored wood. Each time I would pass this place, I would admire the piece as being wonderfully representative of the style of music I have played all of my life. The artistic presentation in my opinion displayed a form of art that impressed me deeply.

I'll bet I have looked at that piece twenty times on various occasions, and then simply walked on and forgot about the entire episode.

This was true until one day when my sweetheart and I were walking past his booth. I again looked at the plaque and then as I was about to leave, the artist said, "Ben, you really like that piece. Don't you?" My reply was certainly supportive and positive. He then said, "You now own it". I chuckled and said something to the effect, that I didn't have that amount of money in my pocket. He then replied that my sweetheart had been there earlier and had purchased it. I was totally amazed by this experience, and turned to my sweetheart and asked how, when and where? Her reply was that last night she won a prize of a hundred and forty dollars, and wanted to share it.

Well ... If this little tale of truism doesn't trip your trigger, it certainly did mine.

Have a nice day ...