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Be A Sport
by Ben Dover
published June 2017

How many times did I hear those words when I was a youngster?

I have also heard those words again and again while I have gone through the rest of my aging process. What do these words really mean?

Well, I guess this is the accepted manner in which one person uses to convince another that they should go along with what has been established as an agreed norm. But if we look at those words, and think for a moment, what is really being said? Then all the rules change.

Do you want to create a child age sport legend?

As a child whose bodily structures are in the genesis of formation, care must be considered as an absolute necessity and constant concern. How many of us oldsters have aches and pains that originated in those pre-adult years? We have added physical insults to those muscular systems that are at best delicate. We then assume that all repairs will be accomplished in accordance, along with bodily aging. Well, now we know better.

That body can be slowly or rapidly and effectively destroyed as the result of over stressing areas of delicate containments.

My reason for this short dissertation has been prompted by the viewing of children's sporting events. We as a society feel we must be the winner of any event in which we participate. That means we must exert ourselves to the point of absolute failure, if we want to compete with those who are willing to do so.

The learning process we must be willing to perform, teaches that we are only as good as the dangers, hardships and deprivations we are able and willing to bear and execute.

Sporting events for children might appear as cute performances including our desires for watching those little tots do their thing. It must be realized however that we are assigning unnatural and dangerously affective trauma producers on that little body. The level of excellence is the only limiting factor to how massive the effects might be applied.

Stressing a body part especially at a young age of an individual can cause permanent damage to that body, which might not manifest itself for many years. Then, we are the victim of those physical insults created in previous years.

It might be added here, that this continuation of physical insults is an absolute guarantee of my concerns as written here. Welcome to the Olympic games.

Have a nice day ...