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Collecting Is Universal
by Ben Dover
published July 2017

It might seem to some that an article of this type cannot be written without being super critical. I, however am only trying to discuss, and not to criticize. It appears to me that each and every human forms a "Love affair" with something physical other than the choice of mate. Notice I am being totally genderless In my remarks, because in this regard, women and men seem to have identical desires for what ever it is they have chosen as a personal choice.

Men seem to enjoy collecting tools fishing or hunting gear and those types of things. While women on the other hand are desirous of having every appliance and hand held convenience for the kitchen or for the sewing basket.

I know a fellow who collects suits and shirts. His closet has at least eleven suits of one color or another and each is spaced two inches apart on the hanging bar in the bedroom closet.

The wife of my closest friend collects miniature owls. She claims to have three hundred and fifty of these miniature glass or plastic creations.

I have a friend in Sioux Falls South Dakota who collects expensive guitars. He owns a pawn shop, and finds he can procure these things as the need and desire demands. I asked him what might be a good guess at the value of his collection. His answer was not at all a surprise when he stated the absolute value was right in the neighborhood of one million dollars. Many of these instruments exceed the price of fifty thousand dollars and more. My remark included the words, "I hope you never have a fire". So he retorted, "Then I might have to collect fire extinguishers".

My own fetish for collecting is rather difficult to explain, since I am a collector of written articles as you are reading now. I have hundreds of these articles, and the number seems to grow daily. My bookshelves are full and bulging. My enjoyment is to find an article written twenty or more years ago, and imagine what it was that made this an interesting topic with which to write at the time. Poetic Ditties are included with these articles and exemplify what might have been causing this subject to be selected. As I read through selected items, I can identify the progressive nature along with an education of form that appears as the years progressed. My collection of these articles therefore compares to a picture album that is totally non selective of offerings, but each one has a personality by itself, and creates a memory.

Have a nice day ...