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Name The Mustang Contest Winners!
published in the August 2015 issue

Mr. Rolando Bocanegra Submitted name - Hidalgo
Mrs. Linda Gonzalez, Submitted name - Vega
U.S. Customs and Border Protection and Action 4 News recently partnered on a contest to name the four newest horses acquired by the RGV Sector Horse Patrol Unit.

On Thursday July 23rd an awards presentation ceremony was held at the Horse Patrol Unit's facility in Mission, TX. Three of the four contestants whose suggestions for names were chosen are pictured here. The fourth winner, Mrs. Amanda Chavez was unable to be present for the ceremony. Mrs. Chavez submitted the name Ranger.

Horse Patrol Agent Heriberto Rivas gives the following acount of how these mustangs provide an invaluable service. "While working upriver of the Hidalgo Texas Port of Entry on a midnight shift, my partner and I were sitting under a tree on horseback observing a trail commonly utilized by undocumented immigrants. We were strategically placed and faced into the direction we were sure to see the undocumented immigrants travel. Approximately an hour later (0300hrs), Rocky, my horse, turns his head suddenly into the opposite direction and his ears pricked forward. As we utilized our night vision equipment, multiple subjects were observed walking behind us through the brush northbound to Hidalgo, Texas. We rode in behind the group and made the apprehensions.

Numerous apprehensions have been made as a result of merely observing a horse's behavior and attentiveness while working out in the field. That early morning I realized that Rocky is not just my assigned horse, he is much more. He is my partner, and he takes real good care of me and I do the same for him."

Ms. Jennifer Uresti Submitted name - El Dorado