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CBP RGV Recruitment Office Is Open For Business
published in the October 2015 issue

As a part of the National Frontline Recruitment Initiative, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is accepting applications in the Rio Grande Valley for positions in the offices of Field Ops, Air and Marine and Border Patrol.

Supervisory Border Patrol Agent Jose Tijerna tells the story of his recruitment. "In July 1999, I was attending my English class in South Texas Community College. My professor explained and issued out the assignment for the weekend. My assignment was to create a one page report about the border. I walked out of the classroom and one of my classmates advised me that several Border Patrol Agents were recruiting at the student center on campus. I immediately headed to the student center to get information for my report. In the student center, the agents assisted me and explained to me their patrol duties. The agents shared stories about their Border Patrol careers and told me how exciting their jobs were. I knew then what I wanted to do with my future. I wanted to become a Border Patrol Agent. I graduated from the Border Patrol Academy in September 2000 and have held many positions during my tenure. The Border Patrol is a career filled with many opportunities ranging from patrolling the border to performing checkpoint operations or being a member of the All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Unit. I currently serve as a Supervisory Border Patrol Agent recruiter. I've had the opportunity to attend various recruiting venues throughout the country. I enjoy assisting interested applicants, because I was in their position several years ago. This career has opened many doors and opportunities for me. I take pride in wearing the uniform and the commitment that I have to serve and protect this country."

CBP's Commissioner R. Gil Kerlikowske says "We are recruiting applicants of the highest integrity and moral character to become members of the CBP workforce. We are looking for candidates who want to serve and protect this country and who meet the rigorous employment standards of the CBP officer position."

An applicant for the CBP officer position must be a U.S. citizen and a resident of the U.S. for the past three years; must be referred for selection prior to their 37th birthday (or a preference eligible veteran, or have prior civilian federal law enforcement experience); and have a valid driver's license. In addition, applicants must pass an entrance examination, medical examination, physical fitness assessments, video-based test and/or structured interview, drug test, background investigation and polygraph examination.

CBP offers a unique opportunity for veterans to continue serving their country in an environment that appreciates the hard-earned knowledge, skills and abilities veterans gain through serving on the front lines. Nearly 30 percent of CBP employees are military veterans. For selected candidates, CBP offers paid training to fully prepare them for an exciting career in federal law enforcement, the opportunity to serve our country, and a competitive salary and benefits package.

CBP is an equal opportunity employer and encourages women and minorities to apply so that the agency can create a workforce that reflects the diversity of America. For more information on the CBP officer position, visit www.cbp.gov/careers. To apply for the CBP officer position, applicants must have an active USA Jobs account and complete an online application at www.usajobs.gov. For more information regarding making application in the RGV call 956-289-4800 or 956-289-4947 or email: RGV-HQ-RECRUITMENT@cbp.dhs.gov Be sure to leave a call back phone number and your email address. If you have already begun the application process, please indicate what stage of the procedure you are in.