With its rich history and dedication to duty, the Rio Grande Valley Sector has always had a reputation for accepting, meeting, and surpassing any challenge placed upon us. These accomplishments are attributed to the honor, loyalty and integrity consistently displayed by the Border Patrol Agents and Mission Support Staff of this sector. As one of nine Border Patrol Sectors located along the United States southwest border, the Rio Grande Valley Sector serves to protect its citizens from terrorists and terrorist weapons illegally entering the United States by securing our borders with the right mixture of proven technology, enhanced infrastructure, and personnel. The Sector has six stations located on the border, two stations that staff strategically placed traffic checkpoints and one coastal station responsible for backup of the checkpoints and marine operations in the Gulf of Mexico. The Rio Grande Valley Sector operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is committed to protecting our Nation's borders.

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Horses have always been an integral part of the US Border Patrol since its beginning in 1924. In 2012 the RGV Sector of Border Patrol established a Horse Border Patrol Unit beginning with 8 horses and 8 riders.
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U.S. Customs and Border Protection and Action 4 News recently partnered on a contest to name the four newest horses acquired by the RGV Sector Horse Patrol Unit. On Thursday July 23rd an awards presentation ceremony was held at the Horse Patrol Unit's facility in Mission, TX
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Border Patrol Search, Trauma and Rescue
The RGV BORSTAR unit is a well disciplined and well equipped group of specially trained agents who face the reality of the Rio Grande Valley's harsh environment on a daily basis.
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We are recruiting applicants of the highest integrity and moral character to become members of the CBP workforce. We are looking for candidates who want to serve and protect this country and who meet the rigorous employment standards of the CBP officer position.
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The purpose of the Border Community Liaison (BCL) is to build mutually beneficial relationships with stakeholders in the region. In this context, a stakeholder is any person, group or organization that has interest or concern regarding the security of the our national border.
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The Border Patrol is huge about community outreach and its agents giving back to the communities they currently live in or have lived in. I followed this advice and went to conduct a presentation at a local high school in Brownsville, Texas where I grew up.
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He was a fearless officer and a master of firearms whose long and colorful career as a lawman spanned more than half a century in the troubled times of the Southwest. This is the legacy of the "First Border Patrolman", Jeff Davis Milton.
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US Border Patrol
RGV Sector Texas

4400 South Expressway 281
Edinburg, Texas

Rio Grande City Station
730 Border Patrol Lane
Rio Grande City, Texas 78582
(956) 487-1044

Harlingen Station
3902 S. Expressway 77
Harlingen, Texas 78552
(956) 366-3000

Fort Brown Station
3305 S. Expressway 83
Brownsville, Texas 78521
(956) 547-3100

McAllen Station
3000 West Military Highway
McAllen, TX 78503
(956) 217-3700

Brownsville Station
940 N. FM 511
Olmito, Texas 78575
(956) 983-1100

Falfurrias Station
P.O. Box 479 (Mailing Address)
933 County Road 300 (Physical Address)
Falfurrias, Texas 78355
(361) 325-7000

Corpus Christi Station
9149 State Highway 44
Corpus Christi, Texas 78406
(361) 879-4300

Weslaco Station
1501 E. Expressway 83
Weslaco, Texas 78559
(956) 647-8800

Kingsville Station
2422 E. Senator Carlos Truan Blvd.
Kingsville, Texas 78363
(361) 595-8700