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More Stories from Auntie Kreamsaugen

by Auntie Kreamsaugen
published October 2014

I was born and reared in Minn-e-snow-ta in Hagen Township, a bend in the river, called Snoose Hollow. I'm Scandinavian and proud of it. I don't make fun of my heritage, I CELEBRATE IT!

We have our own style of the English language like most areas of the country. Since it may be hard for a native Texan to understand my expressions, I think it wise to begin to explain some of our lingo. We use words like ...
uff-da, ish-da, fee-da and fish-da.

For example: if you drop your chewing gum in the chicken coop, you might say Uff-da. Ish-da is when you think you found it 3 times. Fee-da is when you have gotten some on your fingers. Fish-da is used when it stinks.

We still use "out houses" in Snoose Hollow which means you might use all of the these phrases in one day!!!!

My husband, Knute, was in the outhouse last week for such a long time. I had to "go" too. I kept knocking and he kept saying "I'm not done yet - I'm not done yet."

Finally, I peeked in the little half moon on the door. There he was, hitting himself on top of his head with his hand - wait for awhile - then hit himself again and again.

I asked him "what are you doing?"

He looked up at me and said ... "well, it works on the ketchup bottle!"