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Life On The Farm in Snoose Hollow
by Auntie Kreamsaugen
published November 2014

Halloween sure has gotten crazy again with the way the economy is going so I thought I'd save some money and whip up a batch of my famous doughnuts for the little trick or treaters. Better for them than candy bars, and let's face it, what's better than a homemade snack.

Unfortunately there are fewer kids in the neighborhood then there used to be. I gave away doughnuts to only 12 trick or treaters, good thing the word got out and 55 policemen showed up!

Dang it if they didn't run me out of coffee as well. But the good news is with all that "police protection" this year my house was spared from egg attacks and my bushes are toilet paper free.

With Thanksgiving approaching it reminds me of when last fall Knute's bad hearing lead to a big misunderstanding. Ole asked Knute to pick up some snoose for him. Knute thought he said snood; you know that piece of skin that hangs over a tom turkey's nose.

Well when Knute put some tom turkey snoods in Ole's snoose can Ole thought he had been switched to those little snoose pouches, you know those snoose bandits. After Ole had pinched a few, Knute realized his mistake and asked , "Ole, what's the flavor like?"

Ole said, "Ya, I kinda like it but I think it would go good with some cranberries."