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Church Pew Giggles
by Auntie Kreamsaugen
published December 2014

Have you ever had uncontrolled giggles at the wrong time in church? With Christmas close by it reminds me of the candle light service at Snoose Hollow church a few years ago on that snowy Christmas Eve.

Silent Night, Holy Night ... Knute came in late so he didn't get a candle or a program. He elbowed himself into the pew and sat by Ole. Ole and Knute nodded a greeting to each other.

The service was filled with the smell of evergreen, Christmas joy and people who have been in their coats too long. The pastor gave a beautiful sermon. When it came time for the choir to sing Silent Night and all the candles to be lit ... there was Knute without a candle.

As the flame was passed from candle to candle. Knute could only hold up his thumb, in a "thumbs up" position representing the candle he never got; as the first verse of silent night echoed through the church.

... all is calm, all is bright ...

Knute, not wanting to be left out, joyfully held his thumb up in front of him, Ole nodded knowingly. Knute smiled, nudged Ole and then slowly cupped his other hand and placed it over his thumb as if it were a burning candle, and suddenly pulled it back as if he had burnt his hand and all 3 of us, began shaking with a silent giggle.

... sleep in heavenly peace ...

To make things worse, Ole snorked a giggle and blew out his OWN lit candle. There the two were; Knute, with his "thumbs up" candle and Ole with his unlit candle.

Knute seeing the rising curly que of smoke, tipped his thumb to the side as if to relight Ole's Christmas Candle.

While observing all this foolishness going on over here, if you think "the sheperds quaked at the sight", you should have seen the shaking and quaking in our pew, that was a sight.

... and to all a goodnight.