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Howling Good Time!
by Auntie Kreamsaugen
published January 2015

Ole and Lena invited us to come over for a holiday meal. Knute and I were excited to accept. We arrived at Ole and Lena's house and were immediately greeted by the aromas associated with a Scandinavian holiday meal.

The air was filled with the fragrances of lutefisk, Swedish meatballs, fresh baked krumkake, corn pudding, a variety of pies and a few things that I was not quite sure of. The table was set in holiday fashion and was piled high with homemade breads and lefse. Lena must have been cooking for 2 or 3 days it seemed.

Along with Knute and myself, other guests included the Smith's (definitely not Scandinavian), the Johnsons and the Swensons. The 10 of us gathered at the table joined hands and recited "Come Lord Jesus, be our guest, let these foods to us be blessed ... Amen" Then the feast began!

It lasted about 30 minutes, as we all ignored the sin of gluttony and had a little bit of everything that Lena had prepared. Knute and I could hardly hold our composure when the Smith's unfolded their lefse, laid it on their laps and wiped their mouths with it many times during the meal. They must have wondered, but not a word was said, when all the rest of us ate our napkins.

"Who want's coffee and pie?" Lena asked. We all admitted to being too full for desert right now but a small cupcake with coffee was agreed upon by everyone. When the Smith's ate theirs ... paper and all, Knute and I had to get away from the table FAST.

"I brought my ukulele along, shall we have a sing-a-long" I said. I began to sing "I yest go nuts at Christmas", pretty soon, from somewhere in the back of the house, there came a sound that I can only describe as a mix of police sirens and coyotes howling. Around the corner came Ole and Lena's pups, Mickey and Blondie. They sat down right in the middle of the group and continued singing (howling) along with me. The more they sang, the more we got in pitch together.

It was wonderful!

When the song ended, Mickey woofed as if to say "Let's sing another one!"

I think that I have found the back up singers for my act! Everyone agreed that it was a howling good time.