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A Tender Heart
by Auntie Kreamsaugen
published February 2015

When Knute and I were courting, I wanted to impress him with my cooking abilities. After all I was watching all those fancy cooking shows on the television and also often read the church recipe books.

So when Valentine's Day was coming I invited Knute over for a special romantic dinner. I rushed out to get groceries stopping by the locker plant for the best cut. I asked Sven, the locker plant butcher, what would be the most romantic thing to serve for Valentine's Day. Sven, he said "I got the perfect thing for ya." He wrapped it up tightly and I was on my way.

When Knute arrived we sat at the table for our special romantic dinner. I poured the wine, lit the candles and lifted the cover off the platter. There it was, baby new potatoes, fresh carrots and a perfectly cooked beef heart. Because after all isn't Valentine's Day all about sharing your heart with your sweetie.

It was such a fine time. Knute ate like a hungry dog. As the heart on the platter grew smaller, mine only grew larger as I watched Knute take each bite. Knute said, "I never knew you had such a tender heart, Kreamsaugen."

I replied, "Ya it is good, you just have to cook it in the crockpot on low for a long time."

Well it worked out for the best as Knute and I have been married many years and still have tender hearts for each other.

Til next month ... so long from Snoose Hollow.