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Laugh at yourself and be happy!
by Auntie Kreamsaugen
published March 2015

We had wonderful neighbors in Snoose Hollow. Olga was a country gal who married Sven, a 'town boy' that hardly knew how to buckle an overshoe.

These newly-weds chose to be pig farmers. With no heat lamps or electricity and Minn-I-snow-ta winters being so brutally cold, they struggled to keep their new born pigs alive by keeping them in a basket behind the cook stove.

I heard tell that, one morning Olga brought at least a dozen little newborn pigs from the freezing pig pen into the kitchen. They were motionless! Her husband, Sven said "vat do you tink you are 'God' ... they're all dead!" Undeterred by his words, she put them in warm water and recovered all but two!

On another day, Olga was cleaning out the Sow's pen. Scooping manure with a three tine pitch fork, she was dirty from head to toe. Sven came home from town all squeaky clean and started bossing her around telling her how to do things.

She informed him in a loud firm voice, "You didn't even know vat a pig vas 'til you met me."

Realizing the way she looked, she said "oops", then they both shared a laugh.

Today after all these years they are still married!