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Operation Fool Knute
by Auntie Kreamsaugen
published April 2015

Several spring times ago, my niece Gina, and her 12-yearold son Lars came for an overnight visit. Gina was eight and a half months in the family way and as big as a house. She was a great prankster and Knute was always one of her favorite targets. This was good because the next day was April 1st and Knute was always an easy one to get an "April fools" joke on.

The April Fools planning began in secret. "Operation Fool Knute" began the morning of April 1st as the sounds coming from me in the bathroom were unmistakably the "two bucket" disease. Powdering my face to look pale I left the bathroom, looking at Knute and doing my best not to snicker. I moaned, "Knute, you will have to get breakfast for everyone, I am soooo sick." Knute said, "Ya Kreamsaugen you go back to bed I will take care of everything."

Knute headed downstairs and part two of "Operation Fool Knute" began. Gina started moaning and carrying on that she was in "labor" and needed help. "Ohhhh, Knute help meeee I am having a baby. "Oof Da I thought ... she is so good at all that carrying on. Groaning and moaning away, there was no response from Knute. Gina called to Lars and said with a wink "Go get Uncle Knute and tell him I need to get to the hospital I am having a baby." Her moaning continued.

Lars bounded down the stairs, but couldn't find Knute in the kitchen, he then heard the shower running and pounded on the bathroom door, "Uncle Knute! Uncle Knute! Come quick! Mom's having a baby!!" Lars ran upstairs and joined his mom and me, All Huddled together we tried not to giggle as Gina moaned even louder!

Knute came running, as he reached the top stairs we shouted "April Fools!!!" but I am not sure who was more surprised; Knute or us, There he stood ... Dripping wet with only a towel around him. Realizing Gina was not in labor and Kreamsaugen did not have the flu he said, "I'll show you April Fools!"

You've heard the phrase "Madder than a wet hen", well Knute was Madder than a wet rooster!!!! He chased after us snapping us with his towel. Lars high-tailed it out the backdoor. And Gina and I locked ourselves the bathroom. All laughing and panting at "Operation Fool Knute" gone bad.

Knute began to simmer down, and I turned to Gina and said, "I almost forgot what it was like to be chased by a naked man!"

"Ya" said Gina "For me it has been at least a week!!!"