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Lena's Accident
by Auntie Kreamsaugen

published May 2015

Ole and Lena came to see Auntie Kreamsaugen for counseling. "Vat is it dat I can help you vith today?" says Kreamsaugen. Ole speaks up and says "She is alvays blamink me for everyting dat happens to her. Yest de odder day she comes home from de store and she is crying and says Ole come and see vat has happened to my beautiful new car!"

Vell I vent outside der and saw dat de whole corner of our brand new car vas all crumpled up. "Vat in de vorld has happened" I says to her.

She says "Vell I vas just gonna change lanes at a stop light and I looked to see if any one vas beside me and it vas all clear. So, I started to move over and all of a sudden dis big black SUV came speeding up and almost hit me. I had to swerve to miss it and ven I did I hit de back of de car that vas in front of me. And it vas all your fault Ole!"

"Now I ask you Kreamsaugen, how could that be my fault?"

Kreamsaugen shows a look of real concern and says "Vell it does seem highly unlikely that you could be to blame here Ole."

"Vat do you have to say Lena, how can you blame Ole for dis?" Lena shakes her finger at Ole and says "Vell obviously it's your fault because you should have come vith me to de store." Looking a bit puzzled, Kreamsaugen asks "How can de fact dat Ole did not go vith you to de store make it his fault that you had an accident?"

"Vell you see it's like dis" says Lena, "Ven Ole and I go someplace togedder, he alvays drives. If he had been driving dis time chances are dat de accident would not have happened de vay it did. Even if everyting had happened de same vay he vould have been driving so it's his fault either vay!"

Nodding approvingly, Kreamsaugen looks at Ole and says "Lena has a very good point der Ole, I'm afraid she's right. Dis vas your fault after all".