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The Valley and Fellow Entertainers
by James Marvéll
published March 2015

Activity director Debbie Taylor poses with James Marvéll at Sleepy Valley Resort's Hippie Days 3 Dance on Feb. 21, 2015. (photo by Chris Shaw)
Here in the valley there is so much to appreciate. The songs of the birds, the colors of the wild flowers along the roads and sights that remind us of our Creator whom we love above all.

My wife Faye and I enjoy the historical old towns with their churches and monasteries. The Mexican flavors and sights we see everywhere remind us that we are seeing a part of American history. Working in the valley as entertainers has been a beautiful vacation which we have enjoyed for many years. We are thrilled that we shared it with the many residents of South Texas and Winter Texans whom we have come to love.

To me, all entertainers in the Valley, especially those who perform at RV Parks and Resorts, really do bring a necessary ingredient to this beautiful place as thousands of Winter Texan fans seek out entertainment.

I was recently talking with Debbie Taylor, activity director at Sleepy Valley Resort who gave me some encouragement for the future of all entertainers in the valley and I agree with her 100%.

She explained how performers who work all of their lives to perfect their skills traveling thousands of miles deserve the best ticket price at their shows. She felt that $8.00 a ticket was a good starting point for Valley Entertainers and I obviously agree knowing the hardships my fellow musicians and I go through to sing our hearts out.

These musicians come to enjoy the Valley but this is their job, their life time work. To keep the entertainers coming back they must make enough to pay their travel and living expenses while here. So they can continue to spread their music throughout this great Valley.

Peace & Love ... James and Faye Marvéll