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Hunger Lingers After the Holidays
by Omar I. Rodriguez
published October 2015

Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are the big three events I look forward to each year. New Years, not so much; reminds me of taxes and ironically, old acquaintances. But in the food bank and charitable world, the holidays mark a time of increased volunteerism and donations from generous people, schools, organizations and businesses.

It is definitely a time to remember those less fortunate. I've attended some beautiful interdenominational events throughout the years representing the Food Bank RGV. Many faiths acknowledge the need and the simple rewards of helping those in need. It's time honored and cherished as a reflection of who they are and the strength of their faith.

The Food Bank RGV deeply appreciates our volunteers and donors. Their work has gone very far in helping us feed the 40,000 plus people we feed on a weekly basis. But as you sit down with family this holiday and think about your blessings, take a moment to add a reminder on your phone.

Maybe it's a reminder to volunteer at the food bank around Easter or send a donation over before summer vacation. Hunger doesn't take a break for many working families that need food assistance from the Food Bank RGV. Some clients are self-employed and work is infrequent; others lose their seasonal jobs after the holidays are over. Many simply do not have the funds to buy quality food after they've paid their bills.

Then there are the disabled and the seniors who simply are unable to work. We want to be able to feed people when they need help at the Food Bank RGV . . . all year long.

So, please, remember that we need your help. We'll be waiting for you in spring, summer and of course next holiday season! And before you get too busy, have a happy Halloween, Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas!

For more information, visit: www.foodbankrgv.com or call (956) 682-8101.

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