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Make A Worthwhile New Year's Resolution
by Omar Rodriguez
published January 2016

With a new year comes many of the same resolutions: lose weight, save money or try to be an overall better human being. Many of these resolutions happen to be some of the hardest things to commit to. By February, resolutions are long forgotten.

Maybe we're aiming too high? Regardless, the desire is still there to make 2016 better than 2015, right? Maybe the answer is simple as helping the Food Bank RGV. It's pretty easy to at least do one of the following throughout 2016 and make a big impact.

Donate money
Just one dollar can help feed five healthy meals for children right here in the Valley. Larger monetary donations can feed more people and be eligible for tax deductions. That also goes a long way to becoming a pretty cool human, too.

This is pretty simple. Simply by sharing Food Bank RGV posts on social media and sharing information about hunger in the Valley (about 1 in 7 households struggling to balance bills and food) can influence others to say, "I'm not going to accept that children go hungry in my town. Let's do something about it!"

Yup, volunteering can go a long way to helping the Food Bank RGV save money while feeding up to 42,000 people per week across the Valley. You can volunteer by sorting food, bagging food for our elderly program or working up a sweat in our community garden. Sounds suspiciously like exercise. Maybe that could help you shed a few pounds by swimsuit season.

So, in a nutshell, helping feed your neighbors might help you reach all your goals in 2016. You won't know until you try. We'll be here when you are ready!

Give us a call at (956) 682-8101 or visit us at: www.foodbankrgv.com

The old Valley Fruit Company packing plant has been our new home since 2012. The facility is conveniently located on the 83/2 - 281/69c interchange in Pharr, Texas. Our physical address is 724 North Cage Blvd. - Pharr, Texas.