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by Omar Rodriguez Manager of Communication & Advocacy
published March 2016

Spring is an eternal time of renewal. Some of our rituals include spring cleaning and observing spiritual celebrations. Between those time-honored events and spring break and the RGV Livestock Show, there's not much time to do much else. Or is there?

One year, at the Food Bank RGV, we took a look at how many pounds of food drive donations we collected. It was the spring of 2010 and the total weight was 64 pounds. Sixty-four pounds of food donated for the entire month! Bear in mind, that the recommended amount of food for a person in need is 42.5 lbs. per month. This is just a supplement mind you, but if a person is still in need of more food the Food Bank RGV will help them. But how do we help when we receive 64 pounds in one month?!

Hunger doesn't take a vacation, it doesn't take a break. It lingers with each bill a family receives; with each car repair or medical emergency. It's always ready to pounce. So, please, this spring consider holding a food drive through your church or business. It's a great team building project and can help get your group plenty of community exposure.

Find out more:
Hold a Food Drive

Some of the items we need: individual-sized, easy open soups, snacks, or protein items (beanie weenie, Vienna sausages, etc.), peanut butter, and individual sized tuna in water.