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The Hard Working Hungry
by Omar I. Rodriguez
Manager of Communication & Advocacy
published April 2016

Having a job or even two doesn't always mean there will be food on the table for Valley residents. In a recent study the U.S. Department of Labor has found that the average Hidalgo County worker earned $624 a week and Cameron County workers earned only $614 a week.

With the national average for 2015 being $825, we can easily see that the Valley is one of the lowest paying regions of the country. Even taking into account our cost of living, it is still a struggle for many Valley families to set aside money for education or emergencies. A Business Week report has already established that 50% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. With news like this, our community has to realize that the face of hunger has changed since the recession of 2008. We see more working families, single parent families and those hit by medical and financial misfortunes seek out food assistance.

That's why the Food Bank of the Rio Grande Valley is critically needed for families living in poverty and those that sometimes don't make ends meet on $614 a week. And remember, that's the average. Summer is one of the most difficult times for families. With children out of school and missing out on free or reduced breakfast and lunch, a family can expect to buy cheaper foods to make dollars stretch.

We don't need to let this happen. Help the Food Bank RGV feed our Valley families with donations of funds, food or your time.

Find out more today at: www.foodbankrgv.com or call (956) 682-8101.