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A Crowded Night Filled With Food, Fun, And Jeeps
by Alyssa Cavazos
published August 2015

Texas Off-Road Republic joined South Texas Jeeps and Texas Jeep Crawlers in showcasing their prized set of wheels.

In preparation for this month's award of "Dirtiest Jeep" most attendees assembled the previous evening for 'Dab in the Mud' at Palo Blanco Ranch.

Our Jeepers definitely took advantage of playing in the mud and taking their toys off-roading, which gave them a leg up for the competition the following evening at "Jeep Night at The River".

With dozens of Jeeps in attendance, many of them coated from bumper to bumper in sludge, Jeep Night's official judges, The Calaveras, had a difficult decision to make.

Texas Jeep Crawler Gabriel Reyna took the award for 'Dirtiest Jeep', while Texas Off-Road Republic's Jesse Peña came in close second. Both gentleman had a strenuous and rigorous car wash ahead of them.

All in all everyone seemed to enjoy the evening. The crowd of Jeepers and Jeep enthusiasts enjoyed a delicious barbecued dinner provided by Burns Motors. For most it is undoubtedly some much needed downtime from the busy work week. Jeep Night at The River this month was a blast to say the least, nothing short of what was expected. With great anticipation we look forward to future themes such as: NFL Pride Night (Aug. 6) Jeep Karaoke Night (Sept. 10) and October's Jeep Creepers.

Jeep Night at The River keeps getting bigger and better so come on out and join the fun. All Jeep enthusiasts are welcome to participate. You do not have to be a club member.