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A Creepy Night at Sofie's
by Alyssa Cavazos
published November 2015

There was a change of scenery for Jeep Night as Sofie's 'SS' Saloon was generous enough to host October's "Jeep Night".

Halloween came early this year and to no one's surprise this month's Jeep Night theme was "Jeepers Creepers".

Top award was given to the Jeep and occupants who showed up with the best costume or ghoulish theme. There was a generous amount of guests, each showcasing their Halloween spirit. From hair-raising costumes to the downright hilarious our Jeepers definitely delivered when it came to our Halloween theme. The Jeeps were also a sight to see, some scary enough to send chills down your spine.

Dinner was provided by Burns Motors to start off the evening. There was live music as well courtesy of Sofie's. As the evening progressed and the darkness settled in, judging began and the Calaveras made their rounds in search of the most eerie Jeep and occupants.

Texas Jeep Crawler's Julio Tristan family and their Jeep "Puppy" took home the well deserved "Jeepers Creepers" award. Thank you all for making it another Jeep Night to remember.

Remember next month's Jeep Night will be November Food Drive where an award will be given for the "Biggest Jeep Bounty". It will be held at Monster Car Wash in Edinburg, November 12 at 7pm. In addition there will be a gathering for our Jeep Community Sunday November 15 at 9:00am at Logos Community Church followed by a BBQ from 12pm to 3pm at Sofie's 'SS' Saloon, sponsored by Burns Motors.

Come as you are as we fellowship and give thanks to God for all He does.