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Jeepers Just Hanging Out With Jeepers
by Alyssa Cavazos
published May 2016

Jeep Night for the month of April was solely for Jeepers to meet up and have a leisure evening. Jeepers hanging out with Jeepers doing what Jeepers do best.

This month we took a break from the competitions and themed Jeep Nights. The only thing on everyone's mind was to enjoy the evening and each other's company.

Sofie's 'SS' Saloon was the spot for the monthly meeting. Burns Motors' David Nuñez delivered once again and grilled up some barbecue for Jeep Night, which was sponsored by Burns Motors. The hours flew by as guests enjoyed good food, great music, and awesome company.

With the pressures of competition and awards absent, Jeepers were able to hang loose and intermingle.

It was a full house at Sofie's 'SS' Saloon this month. The lot was jam packed with Jeeps, most proudly displaying their corresponding Jeep clubs. Present at this month's Jeep Night were the Texas Jeep Crawlers, Texas Off -Road Republic, South Texas Rebels, and the South Texas Jeeps.

We were happy to have everyone in attendance because more is always merrier. If you are interested in joining in on the fun and experiencing what we Jeepers do best, join us at Jeep Night, held every second Thursday of each month.