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Jeepers Having Fun in September
by Alyssa Cavazos
published October 2016

Jeep Night for September was held on the second Thursday of the month. It has become a familiar scene, month to month, at Sofie's 'SS' Saloon. Various Jeep Clubs are in attendance including Texas Jeep Crawlers, South Texas Rebels, Texas Off-Road Republic, and South Texas Jeeps. The Calaveras also join in from time to time.

The Sponsor of Jeep Night is Burns Motors who also provides dinner for our attendees each month. Jeep Night usually lasts for several hours, with people arriving at around 7pm. The atmosphere at Jeep Night is one of relaxation and entertainment. The night is usually over in what seems like the blink of an eye, leaving those in attendance anticipating next month's Jeep Night.

At the center of it all is the reason Jeep lovers decided to congregate in the first place. It is due to their beloved Jeeps. Jeeps are one of the first known four-wheel drive vehicles in the United States. They have been in around since the 1940s, being first produced for military purposes. That may be part of the appeal of being a Jeep owner. Jeeps were not made for civilians until several years later in 1945, by Willys. The Jeep brand has been sold to various companies, but ultimately it has ended up in the hands of FCA US LLC, also known as Chrysler.

The biggest appeal of being a Jeep owner is its undeniably impressive off-road capability. This is mostly seen in, but not limited to, the Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited models.

For those who are not as daring, Jeep also carries various models, icluding the Grand Cherokee, Cherokee, Compass, Patriot, and the newest addition the Renegade.

Owning a Jeep is a class all on its own. Jeep owners develop an indisputable relationship with their cherished Jeeps which most people would not understand. And that is why we have Jeep Night.