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Jeepers Having Fun in October!
by Rod Graham
published November 2016

On October 13, Jeep Night attendees anticipated the arrival of a new member, Olivia Emmanuelle Garza, to be born on Saturday, October 15th.

In celebration of this blessed event the theme of the night was Diaper Night. Alyssa Cavazos created Olivia's first jeep, crafted from diapers and pacifiers. Olivia is the first born child of Manny Garza and Nayeli Guerra. Nayeli's parents, Ramon and Aydee, were present as well. All are members of Texas Jeep Crawlers and as a matter of fact, it was at a Jeep Night event on December 2015 that Manny and Nayeli first met. Everyone present extended their best wishes to this young family and Big Lew, from Burns Motors, offered a prayer asking God's blessing on them and their new daughter.

A special welcome was also extended to a couple who will hold the record for coming the farthest to attend Jeep Night for a long, long time.

Olaf and Ursula came all the way from Wolfsburg, Germany, that's going to be hard to beat! Now to be perfectly honest, they did not leave Germany with the express idea of attending Jeep Night. Olaf and Ursula have been living out their dream of touring the United States since 2010. At first they shipped their German Motor Home to the US and then flew over to catch up with it. They have come a couple of times each year ever since. Eventually they sold their motor home in Germany and bought one here. Over the past few years they have traveled all across the US. This year they wound up here in the Valley at Victoria Palms in Donna. There they came across a copy of The Valley Spotlight and saw the story about Jeep Night. It so happens that their towed vehicle is a Jeep so they decided to come and join the festivities. We hope you come again Olaf and Ursula!

Last but not least, Jeepers had a clown costume judging contest. The winner was Jesse Pena of the Texas Off Road Republic.

We assure you that these clowns, no matter how scary looking, were thoroughly vetted by Jeep Night's security officer Timmy.

As always, Jeep Night was sponsored by Burns Motors who provided great food for all to enjoy. Jeep Night takes place on the second Thursday of every month at Sophie's 'SS' Saloon, unless there are mitigating circumstances. November's Jeep Night is planned for November 10th.