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Jeepers Getting Together For FUN!
by Alyssa Cavazos
published February 2017

Jeep Night this January was intended for Jeepers to meet up and have a leisure evening.

This month we took a break from the competitions and just enjoyed each other's company.

Sofie's 'SS' Saloon was the spot for the monthly meeting. Burns Motors' David Nuñez delivered once again and cooked up some delicious bistek tacos for Jeep Night, which was sponsored by Burns Motors.

The hours flew by as guests enjoyed good food, great music, and awesome company. With the pressures of competition and awards absent,Jeepers were able to hang loose and intermingle.

The main topic of discussion this month was the Jeep Night and its Jeep Clubs, along with Edinburg Logos Community Church, coming together for the month of April and having an Easter celebration for a colonia in the city of Edinburg. This will be discussed for the next couple months and hopefully we are able to pull an event together for a weekend in April. We will keep the community posted on our Jeep Night facebook page and at the Jeep Nights to come.

Jeep Night powered by Burns Motors is typically held on the second Thursday of each month, unless changes are made beforehand. Next month's Jeep Night will be held February 9th at Sofie's 'SS' Saloon, located at 6801 S 10th St in McAllen, Texas.