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Jeep Night Returns
by Alyssa Cavazos
published July 2017

The time is almost here to start up Jeep Night powered by Burns Motors.

We had a quick recess for the months of May, June, and July but coming up in August we will be back to our regularly scheduled Jeep Night, every second Thursday of the month.

Jeep Night is a community relations event held once a month as an opportunity for all Jeep owners to meet and hang out. Although Jeep Night was put on a brief hold, that didn't stop our Jeepers from getting together this summer break to give back to the community.

During the latter part of April Edinburg Gospel Church, in conjunction with Jeep Clubs and Jeep owners, gathered in a colonia in Edinburg and put together an Easter barbecue for community members. This Edinburg colonia has become a familiar place to hold community events including Christmas Toy Drives, Thanksgiving Dinners, and much more.

This has been done by a community of Jeepers and Jeep clubs who take pride in their desire to give back, share their blessings, and spreading the love of God. This band of Jeepers, also known as "Jeeps for Jesus", are eager every month to continue these thoughtful contributions.

Next Jeep Night will be held Thursday August 10th at Sofies 'SS' Saloon in South McAllen. The night will start off at 7pm. Burns Motors will be providing food for the evening.

August is back to school for the majority of our children. Edinburg Gospel Church and member of the Jeep community would like to hold a Back to School drive at this month's Jeep Night to help ease the burden of back to school shopping for the families at our colonia in Edinburg. Any and all school supplies are welcome considering we have children of all ages that we will be donating to.

Thank you all in advance. Any little bit goes a long way.