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We're here to help you Hear!
published July 2014

Dave and Barbara moved to the Valley to settle down, and like many others, to enjoy the sun and a taste of the good life. Evenings were spent with friends, and he and his wife both felt great and anticipated a long and active retirement. Soon though retirement bliss turned to despair as Dave began to realize that something was holding him back and Barbara knew it too. At times she would call and the phone would go unanswered, bleeping away in his pocket. Dave watched TV at high volumes that were far too loud for Barbara, and even more troubling, Barbara found she needed to repeat herself frequently when speaking with him.

Hearing loss affects everyone differently but many don't consider the full impact of not hearing. Often those who can't hear are embarrassed to ask others to repeat themselves and become more and more despondent and secluded. Social isolation is one of the most devastating but hidden consequences of hearing loss.

Enough was enough. As a veteran, Dave qualified for hearing aid assistance from the VA. But after waiting too long for the VA to help, Dave reached out to The Mackie Clinic. Dave came in one morning and was fitted with custom hearing aids and the results were spectacular. Immediately he exclaimed with satisfaction, "Why did it take me so long to do this?" Free to get back to doing the things he loved and free to enter conversations with friends and family, Dave's quality of life improved.

During later free maintenance visits, Barbara told the staff that he hears better now than she does and can hear his favorite shows on low volume, a big difference from his hearing previously.

Does Dave and Barbara's story sound familiar? We see it all the time. Some like you and me, are trying to spend time away or time with family and their health is preventing them from enjoying their favorite things. Hearing loss affects approximately 36 million Americans and only one in five people who suffer from hearing loss buy hearing aids.

Do you or someone you love feel out of the conversation? Have you felt that you or someone close to you is stressed, anxious or uncomfortable with social situations due to hearing loss?

We offer top quality hearing aids, accessories, can service your hearing aids and administer tests to find out if hearing aids are the right fit for you. Ear cleanings and examinations are a great way to maintain your ears' health and The Mackie Clinic can help you with that as well.

The Mackie Clinic has helped thousands of patients with regaining their hearing, allergies and sinus problems. We offer hearing aids and tests to restore your hearing, balloon sinuplasty to relieve chronic congestion and allergy desensitization which can free you from your chronic allergies. Our courteous and professional staff would be happy to help you through your worse allergy, sinus and hearing symptoms so give us a call today.

We're here to help you hear!