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Understanding and Treating the Cause of the Symptoms
published August 2014

Everyone has a story to tell and each month we'd like to share how we have made our patients happy and healthy. This month we'd like to tell you about Steven's experience.

Steven was an avid hunter; he enjoyed gardening with his wife, Becky, and liked to travel. As a Paramedic Instructor at South Texas College, his health was always a concern of his and when his sinus congestion began disrupting his lifestyle, he knew something was wrong. He spent less and less time in the garden, Becky noticed. He stopped hunting because he would get fatigued easier as he walked. Additionally, Steven hadn't realized how his joint pain had crept up on him. The body needs oxygen and troubled breathing affects your health in many ways including: sleep disorders, aches and pains and fatigue that prevent an active lifestyle.

His CPAP machine was used every night. The sleep he had at night wasn't restful and often his labored breathing would wake him up. The good ole' breathing machine that he relied on wasn't any help anymore, and every night was a struggle for him.

Insistent on making a change, Steven phoned The Mackie Clinic at the recommendation of Becky, who had worked with Dr. Mackie at Rio Grande Regional Hospital. Steven trusts Becky's judgment on local physicians and specialists in the area and what happened next reassured him he had made the right decision.

At his appointment with Dr. Mackie, it was recommended to Steven that he undergo Balloon Sinuplasty. Balloon Sinuplasty is a fairly new procedure that has gained attention over the past few years because it is done without a hospital visit, usually completed within 30 minutes and immediately delivers relief by opening up nasal passages that previously were blocked. Steven decided that Balloon Sinuplasty was right for him and got the procedure done at The Mackie Clinic in April of 2014.

After less than an hour of work at The Mackie Clinic and a day's rest on the couch, Steven was back the following day. He couldn't believe the relief he felt when the packing was removed. Immediately he thought, "This is what it is like to breathe again". After the packing came out, Steven realized that he hadn't been effectively breathing out of his nose for years and the Balloon Sinuplasty was a return to free, unobstructed breathing, sleeping and living in general.

Activities that were pushed aside or forgotten were back for Steven and Becky. Within a few weeks, Becky noticed that Steven was spending more time in his garden and was getting more done in less time than when he wasn't breathing well. Steven went on an Alaskan cruise over the summer and spent the afternoons in the forests and on his feet, something he would not do a year ago.

If this story sounds familiar or you've been experiencing breathing trouble and you're not living as actively as you like: Give us a call at The Mackie Clinic.

Dr. Mackie has over 30 years experience assisting the Valley with breathing, allergy and hearing problems. We helped Steven breathe better with Balloon Sinuplasty but we also offer hearing aids to restore your hearing, and allergy desensitization which can free you from your chronic allergies. Our courteous and professional staff would be happy to help you through your worse allergy, sinus and hearing symptoms so give us a call today.