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Treating Allergies at The Mackie Clinic
published September 2014

Each month The Mackie Clinic likes to share success stories from our happy patients. This month we would like to introduce you to Robert.

Robert is an active family man, former FBI agent and recent retiree. "If I would know it was going to be this good, I'd have done it a while ago," he told me as he described his daily routine of working out, enjoying a good book and checking his investments. Robert also mentioned that retirement allows him to spend more time with his family at weekly breakfasts and he loves seeing his granddaughter.

Robert went on to say that he feels better than he did 10 years ago, thanks to Dr. Mackie. That's because Robert suffered from chronic allergies. As a child living with allergies, Robert felt miserable. He was constantly sick with colds and suffered from frequent sinus infections. His doctors, from a young age, had always simply prescribed antibiotics that wore off quickly.

He also pointed out that the body cannot function properly, fighting off infections all the time. And while he didn't know it, his body was investing energy into an on-going battle that he never won. This battle extended into adulthood and Robert had been getting regular allergy shots since the 70s that didn't make the impact he needed. Thankfully, medical research and treatments have advanced since the days of routine antibiotics and there are new treatments that can end a patient's cycle of allergy suffering.

Robert has been visiting Dr. Mackie since 1989, and when Dr. Mackie recommended the LDA (Low Dose Allergen) treatment for Robert, he decided enough was enough and wanted to try it. The LDA is an allergy treatment unlike the others because it does not require a clinic visit every week, like most allergy treatments. Additionally, the LDA will desensitize you to mold, pollen, dust, dander, chemicals and food allergens.

Working out and making it to family outings have been easy for Robert since starting the LDA. He didn't realize how disadvantaged he was when his body was using its strength to resist infection and fight off allergens. "I feel like I've never had allergies," he told me thankfully.

Robert is so pleased that he brought his children to Dr. Mackie. He was happy to see his children responding to the treatment in 6 or 7 visits. Their symptoms are not bothering them the way Robert suffered when he was younger. His daughter lives in Houston and flies to see Dr. Mackie once every two months for her LDA treatment.

If allergies are preventing you from living the active lifestyle that you'd like to live, stop by or give us a call at The Mackie Clinic. Our professional staff is trained in diagnosing and treating your ear, allergy and hearing problems. If you think your quality of life could be improved by alleviating your ear, nose and throat problems, give us a call.