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Treating Sinus Problems
published October 2014

With every service or treatment of care, there is a story. The Mackie Clinic shares a success story from our clinic. Today, we'd like to introduce you to Thomas.

Thomas is a retired Iraq War Veteran. He worked as a State Trooper for 14 years, keeping our highways safe and secure. Thomas is medically retired after his time in Iraq, and he tells me that it gives him time to spend with his family, whom he missed very much while serving overseas. He laughs as he tells me "I've spent enough time away from them, so it makes up for it." When not spending time with his Wife or children, Thomas sharpens his musicianship by playing acoustic guitar.

Thomas was given a voucher from the VA to get treatment for his sinuses. He chose to be seen by Dr. Mackie. Dr. Mackie is the Ear Nose and Throat Surgeon at the VA and has helped hundreds of Veterans like Thomas with their illnesses. Thomas needed help with his congestion problems caused by exposure to harmful chemicals while serving in Iraq. As a result, Thomas couldn't breathe normally. He was always congested, had constant nasal drainage, and he couldn't breathe through both nostrils. Thomas was unable to sleep normally because of his labored breathing. He suffered from chronic nasal congestion and slept with a CPAP machine. This was troubling to Thomas because he never had any sinus related issues that caused him to miss work, but now he was suffering from debilitating sinus symptoms.

Dr. Mackie told Thomas that he had some serious sinus issues, but they could be reduced greatly with Balloon Sinuplasty. Balloon Sinuplasty is a minor office procedure that can be done in office with no need for an outpatient stay at the hospital. The procedure is usually completed in less than 30 minutes and is designed to open sinus pathways that have been blocked for years. After meeting with Dr. Mackie, Thomas was convinced that the Balloon Sinuplasty would help him.

After the 30 minute procedure and a day of rest, Thomas returned to the clinic. As the nasal packing came out, he realized that he could breathe out of both nostrils. Over the next few weeks, the draining and runny nose stopped and he no longer suffered from chronic nasal congestion.

The procedure made a huge impact on Thomas' day to day life. Thomas now wakes up refreshed because he is getting better rest at night. He didn't have the morning congestion that used to part of his daily routine. The nasal sprays that Thomas had to use all the time weren't needed anymore. His family, especially his Wife, took notice of him being happier in general because no longer having problems breathing through his nose.

If this story sounds familiar or you've been experiencing sinus problems and breathing is not easy: Give us a call at The Mackie Clinic.

Dr. Mackie is a board-certified Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon who has over 30 years experience assisting the Valley with breathing, allergy and hearing problems. We helped Thomas breathe again with Balloon Sinuplasty but we also offer hearing aids to help your hearing, and allergy desensitization therapy which can free you from your chronic allergies.

Our courteous and professional staff would be happy to help you through your worse allergy, sinus and hearing symptoms so give us a call today.