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Santa Ana NWR, A Very Special Place
by Christine Donald ... Outdoor Recreation Planner SANWR
published July 2016

I consider myself a lucky, rich person, rich not in material wealth but with natural beauty. Every day I have the opportunity to work where I can step outside and experience the beauty of Mother Nature.

I could not imagine a world without plants and animals, although I could live without the chiggers, ticks, and mosquitoes. Not a day goes by that I am not fascinated with something that I have seen or experienced. I especially love to see families coming to Santa Ana with children who become fascinated with all the wonders of outdoor life; butterflies dancing in the air, rabbits bouncing around, lizards scampering across the path, and birds singing.

Sadly, it seems that many children today do not have the connection to nature that I and others of my generation had. They are tuning out nature and opting to stay indoors playing with electronics. I watch very little television and instead enjoy walks outside to see the wonders of nature all around me. I sneak out, when I can, while I am at work to open my senses and see all the beauty that nature provides.

Santa Ana NWR is a beautiful place that can transport you back in time with its long flowing Spanish Moss and Ball Moss high up in trees. Spending quiet time here allows your mind to release all of its stressful problems and replace them with the serenity of nature's beauty. If you would like a special place unwind then come to Santa Ana NWR ... A very special place.