Wildlife That Flutters
by Laura M. de la Garza: Environmental Education Park Ranger .. SANWR
published September 2016

Dragonflies are common and can be found around our backyards.
If you have been to the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge lately you've probably seen many fluttering insects of wonder. I'm not talking about butterflies, but rather dragonflies and damselflies. Also known in the scientific community as Odonats, these critters are quite spectacular.

I was enjoying a nice breeze on a sunny afternoon at the refuge headquarter pond last week when I noticed all these fluttering insects zooming past me. I sure was fascinated at their behavior. Watching them fly around the wetlands and zoom around the water was like watching a Broadway show. I'm a hopeless romantic so watching a dragonfly couple zoom around together and observe the male gently hold his female as she laid her eggs in the Resaca was just an "awe" moment.

I even spotted a turquoise tipped darner as it hovered just above me in an almost stealth like mode. These little guys can be quite colorful and as I sat back and observed them I felt I was watching a rainbow of critters dance above the quite waters of Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge headquarter pond.

It occurred to me just then that much like Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge is an urban neighbor in Alamo's backyard, these fluttering insects are urban neighbors too and they can be found in your backyard. So the next time you're spending some time outside, sit back and ENJOY THE SHOW.