Featured in the August 2014 Issue
JD's Farm and Ranch

Jesse Garcia's high school graduation gift from his father would influence his future in a way that he may never have imagined. The gift was a beautiful quarter horse which Jesse named Coco. Riding and caring for Coco created a love of horses and horsemanship in Jesse that he still has today, some 20 years later. At one point in time Jesse had a stable of 10 quarter horses.

After graduating high school, Jesse was employed by Insco Distributing, an air conditioning supply company here in the Rio Grande Valley, for 13 years. His experience in shipping and receiving gave him the confidence to begin his own business in 2011. Because of his love for people, horses and animals in general, he decided to create JD's Farm and Ranch Supply.

Jesse found a location with an existing building at the junction of Hwy. 107 and Mayberry in Mission, TX. With the help of his father, sister and wife they began the huge task of turning an empty metal building into a complete farm and ranch store. In the early days Jesse would drive his pickup truck to Falls City Milling in Falls City, Texas to bring back a load of feed and supplies. As word spread across the valley about JD's commitment to quality products and service, the business grew slowly but surely. Nowadays semi trailer trucks deliver directly to JD's Farm & Ranch taking advantage of their "drive thru" stock room.

This makes it very convenient for deliveries from JD's suppliers as well as loading for customers, giving protection from the heat as well as inclement weather.

Today at JD's Farm & Ranch Supply, you will find some of the lowest prices on the most popular farm and ranch supply products in the Rio Grande Valley. JD's stocks feed for a wide variety of animals including cattle, horses, goats, chickens, rabbits, dogs, cats and more. You will also find saddles and tack for horses as well as horse racing supplies. If you are being "bugged" by pesky critters, come and choose from our assortment of pesticides. Do you need some hay? JD's stocks that as well.

Don't forget the bunnies!
JD's has "California", "New Zealand", "Dutch" and "Rex" rabbits in stock year round.

JD's Farm and Ranch Supply is a certified dealer for U-Haul & South Texas Carports.

Come and see us today. We are ready to be of service to you!
Jesse Garcia