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I have been in the photography industry since 1973.

My expertise is in Family Portrait photography, especially working with young children.

I am a "mobile" photographer. This means that I do not have a fixed location studio, but rather I bring my equipment "on location".

Since 1999 my wife, Cathy and I have been producing pictorial directories for many of the RV and Mobile Home Park Resorts here in the Rio Grande Valley.

We do all of the production work from point of photography through printing the directory books.

We do all of the graphic design and layout work making this an easier project for the resorts to accomplish.

Client / Customer / Employee Appreciation promotions:

For over thirty years I have been offering special "photo days" to businesses such as banks, credit unions, hospitals, car dealerships and any business that wants to say "thank you" to their clients, customers and employees in a unique way.

By giving them the lasting gift of a Family Portrait

We bring our portable studio to your location, you invite your clients, customers and employees to come in to be photographed, and we give them a FREE COLOR PORTRAIT on your behalf.

I also have extensive experience in photographing pets, whether alone or with their humans.

We offer


promotions for animal shelters, rescue groups, veterinarians and groomers.

We bring a portable studio on location to photograph your clients and their pets.

Every client family photographed receives one FREE COLOR PORTRAIT as your gift to them.

Children's Day Care Centers

My true passion in photography is creating lasting memories of children through portraiture.

I especially enjoy the challenge presented when a child is unsure of what is going on and therefore could be considered difficult to photograph.

Through my many years of experience photographing thousands of children, I have developed the skills needed to find those elusive smiles and capture them forever in a portrait.

I will bring a portable studio to your Day Care Center to photograph your client's children.

Very reasonably priced portrait packages will be offered to the parents.
If you have an interest in utilizing any of my services contact me at:

956-457-8600 or