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Why doesn't my website show up in Google?
How can I get my website to show at the top of search results?
Should I build my own website or hire someone else to do it?
With so many Do It Yourself website building opportunities available these days many people and businesses are opting not to hire a professional web designer to create their website.

This approach may be OK if your website does not need to be visible to the general public through search engine queries. However, if you want your website to be found on the web, you should give consideration to at least consulting a professional even if you build the site yourself.

In 2013 I was contracted by a dog and cat boarding kennel to analyze their website. The website they had used for several years was not showing up in general search engine queries at all. Their business was located in Edinburg, Texas. Naturally one would believe that if you typed "dog kennels in Edinburg, Texas" into a Google search their website would show up. But it did not.

After analyzing the source code of their website it was easy for me to determine why this was the case. The company who had created the website for them failed to follow the very basic steps to ensure that the site would perform well in web searches. When I investigated the company's website I found that they were utilizing this approach in order to get the customer to spend more money. They charged a fee for creating the basic website, then "offered" an additional service to optimize the website for search engines for an additional monthly fee. This seems a bit "sneaky and underhanded" to me!

The boarding kennel hired me to recreate their website, which I did following all of the guidelines to make sure that it showed up in web searches. As a result of this if you type "dog kennels in Edinburg, Texas" into a Google search their website will show up on page one of the results at or near the top of the page. Try it yourself and see if you can figure out what boarding kennel I am talking about.

There is a BBQ restaurant in Mission, Texas that hired me to create a website for them. Now keep in mind that Mission, TX is located in the deep south region known as The Rio Grande Valley. This region encompasses several hundred square miles along the border of Texas and Mexico. BBQ is big business there. There are literally hundreds of BBQ restaurants in the area. Creating a website which would show up at the top of search engine results above hundreds of other BBQ restaurants may seem like a daunting task. However, if you type "BBQ restaurants in the Rio Grande Valley" guess which restaurant shows up highest on the page. You got it! Ace's BBQ.

Every winter thousands of visitors descend upon The Rio Grande Valley to escape the cold ice and snow of the northern territories of the US and Canada. These visitors are referred to as "Winter Texans". During their stay here in this tropical region they are active participants in all sorts of indoor & outdoor activities. They stay in Recreational Vehicle and Mobile Home parks called Winter Texan Resorts.

In 2007 I created a website called The Winter Texan Connection. There are now dozens of websites targeted toward Winter Texans. Because of my understanding of how to "work" search engines, The Winter Texan Connection,, consistently places at the top of search results pages whenever any phrase regarding the Winter Texan lifestyle is used. Even something as general as "winter in South Texas" brings this website up at or near the top of the search results page.
Why am I successful in creating websites which perform well in web searches?

Because I understand how search engines work!

Now I don't profess to know all about the technical aspects of how they work, but I do know how they analyze, sort and index a website to determine where it shows up in search results.

If your existing website is not showing up in search results the way you want it to, call me at 956-457-8600 or email to get me started helping you to achieve your goal.

If you need a website or want to recreate your existing website contact me for a consultation.

A few things you should know about how I create websites:

I write the code for your website from scratch. I do not use any website building program. To me, these limit your creativity and produce "messy" code. You want to make it as easy for search engines to find you as possible.

I design the website to be user friendly to both the viewer and search engines.

I build "Mobile Friendly" websites, pleasant to look at on any device.

I charge a monthly fee. A website is a "living" thing. It is never really finished.
Even if the content of the site never changes, it takes constant monitoring to make sure that it performs to the best of its ability in web search results.

Every website is unique. I design your website with your needs in mind.
Therefore the monthly fee may vary with every website I create.

I provide you with an annual report of how your website is performing.
This report includes the number of visitors to your website indexed monthly and an accounting of how your website is performing in Google search results based on search phrases you provide.